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Children’s Book Art Themed-Charity Art Show at Ayden Gallery

Art Show Poster LOW

In December I was part of a small Charity Art Show at the local Ayden Gallery. The theme of the show was Children’s book art, hence the reason why I was forwarded the request for artwork contribution by my friend Yuriko from Blim.  The show was put together by a local children’s ware company called ‘Please Mum’. All profits from the artwork sold at the silent auction went to the Abetavu Children’s fund in Uganda started by a young Vancouver woman. I am usually pretty critical of charities going so far out of their own surroundings and would have liked it to be something for local kids, but the story of the girl is inspiring in it’s own. It might have started out as a pretty naive undertaking but could become so much more. The world needs more people who just follow their heart and start something… something good will always come out of good intentions, even if it’s not exactly that which you had in mind.

I contributed an original piece of art from my book ‘The Day it all blew away’ to the show, which sold. … the end.

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A few photos from my reading and coloring/drawing day at Collage Collage

This was by now eons ago, but I finally have some time to post things so here we go.

In Mid October, Erin from Collage Collage and me did a little activity event /reading for my book Paulina P. (for Petersen) at the Collage Collage Shop. I made some pages for coloring and Erin did activities with kids based on my other book ‘The Day it all blew away’. The collages those kids made are awesome and I had a really good time hanging out with the kids that came to the event, even though now some of them will probably hate me, seeing as I told them I would post some of our collaborations online ‘really soon’ and now it’s about 3 months later, … but hey.

I forgot how much fun it is to draw with kids! They know what they’re doing man! They are the best artists always!  Most intuitive, most free. Hands down.


Max was one of my fav drawing partners! We like to draw Robots!


one of the coloring sheets with coloring action

me reading to a few of the kids later on in the day

me reading to a few of the kids later on in the day

a pretty awesome drawing of light sabers...

a pretty awesome drawing of light sabers...


some of my monster coloring sheets that I managed to keep---i really like the kingkong's colors in this one



some of the collages kids made at Collage Collage on the theme of 'The Day it all blew away' ---how cute are those?!... very!


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