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Puppets for Weekend Leisure Video

Sooooo, a while ago I got together with my buddies from Weekend leisure to help them make a video. My part: Puppets and puppetry. It was pretty fun to do and I’m definitely wanting to make some more puppet videos in the near future, but maybe with less drug humor and more for kids….yeah? maybe? It was pretty fun to make though, oh, especially the puking scene… am I giving too much away here?…Oh, also don’t get confused by the beginning of the video, the puppets start showing up at about 1 min. 30seconds into it.

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Mor from ze sscetchbook, ya.

So I decided I will start posting more experiments from my sketchbook now. Ok. Here we go.


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So I made something else for TGBA . This logo here. If you go on their site you can see it as a pattern behind them for their 1 year anniversary podcast of joy featuring a pretty big dog. YEY!


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Illustrator Pattern


I’m a little chocked right now because I just spent A LOT of time today making some patterns. Here is one, unfortunately not quite put together perfectly with a slight line through it, BUT, the altered and finished version of it along with it’s sister pattern of mixed dogs got LOST !!!!  when Illustrator crashed on me because I was running out of memory. I guess I had a gazillion windows and applications open while working on it and didn’t realize it. Great, now I have to redo them or… not cry over spilled mik. Hum. The good part is: So far I’ve only used Photshop to make patterns, but those days are over now. :)… I just won’t have quite as many applications open anymore while making them.

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A little drawing

After moving my studio from one room to another, I now finally have things back set up and up and running. Whew! Here’s a cat person with a balloon to celebrate this feat!catwithballonopt

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News: Vancouver is Awesome! And I get to be part of the proof!

Yey, I got to be on Vancouver is Awesome’s Proof! Check it out here.


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