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Water Colours are so fun!

Here is a little water color and photoshop creation I made a couple of days ago. I think I’ve decided to post more sketches, and work I do just sort of for myself. That should be good. ok then. houses on a hill copy

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Video of my piece for the Cheaper Show#9

So the Cheaper Show #9 happened this past weekend here in Vancouver. It was a huge turnout and a lot of fun! I got to see a lot of people that I hadn’t seen for a long long time and meet a lot of new people. Tons of art, tons of people, tons of beers, tons of fun! The piece I made for the show is a what is in Germany called ‘Hampelmann’. A puppet usually made out of wood that moves when you pull the string. I taped the string behind it’s leg for the show though because otherwise it would have been in eminent danger of getting destroyed. I hope that whoever bought it will figure out that you CAN pull it and make it move, but not pull too hard. Balance. Ha haaa. So in lieu of me not being able to show how you can make it move during the show here is a video I made prior to the show of me talking about my piece and also moving it.

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Paulina P. is book of the week on Hugger Boo

Paulina P. (for Petersen) gets picked as book of the week review on Hugger Boo.

Thanks Hugger Boo!

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Interview with the Province

I am featured  in this weeks issue of ‘The Province’ in their ‘Portrait of an Artist’ column. The interview was in lieu of my piece in the Cheaper Show depicted in the article.

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Doodles from 1 hour phone conversation with Aunt Lilo


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Originals for Chirp spread


Chirp Spread Originals


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