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I DO wanna make a book… buuuut… this video is the best!

I recently (and still am) spent wayyy too much time on my friend Julia Feyrer’s video blog and though there are SO very  many amazing videos featured there that I’d love to share, there is ONE that I can’t not put on here. I really highly recommend this amazingly curated blog of you tube videos by Julia. You won’t regret it. And please keep in mind that I actually really do wanna make… a… book.

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Eden by Pablo Holmberg aka Kioskerman

I picked this book up the last time I was at Lucky’s Comics and it’s one of these little easily overseen type of books that look so ‘cute’ when you first see them, but really there’s a lot more to them. It is probably the first ‘comic’ book that I have bought were I immediately thought to categorize it as a book of poetry. Some of the stories (all ‘stories/vignettes are one page and split up into 4 panels) are not perhaps amazing on their own, but together they form a really very intimate, and also shockingly simple insight into what makes us human. Things that we all think about. Love, living, death… sometimes a bit funny, other times a bit overdramatic, sometimes also a little sad.

Pablo Holmberg is amazing! Check out his site

Here are a few of his shorts…

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Sitka Books in Vancouver

Here is a link to an article about a new Independent Bookstore in Kitsilano Vancouver that  appears to have opened already. I will have to take a trip there soon to check it out.  The woman who opened it used to work at Duthies Books which so sadly closed down several months ago. Not a Children’s Bookstore but perhaps they will carry a few. Either way, it takes courage to open bookstores of any sort these days and so I’m excited for it!

Ria Bleumer from Sitka Books

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Duuuudz Weeeirdos & Knobzzzz Dolls at Bletsy

Several years ago I made a series of packaged dolls under the Title ‘Duuudz Weeeeirdoz & Knobzzzz – Useless Collectibles by Lisa Cinar’. I had a show featuring all ‘Useless Collectibles’ in the series at Lucky’s Comics and there was a small 1$ Comic to go along with each doll. The other day I went by Blim (their new Chinatown location is totally awesome! Check out their site here.) and then realized that they still had some of these dolls of which about 20 each were made I believe on their etsy site. So here is a link for the two Collectibles available there. You can check out the rest of the Collectibles (but not as packaged dolls) on my site under ‘Series’.

The Ho-Bumpkin Useless Collectible for sale at Blim

Lippy Lars/The German Jerk Useless Collectible for sale at BLim

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‘A Murder of Crows’ mini-Comic Preview

So I’ve been working on this 9 page comic called ‘A Murder of Crows’ and now it’s almost done. I sent the story to a couple of friends to take a look at and help me edit it a bit but then I think I’ll print a small run of them. I like how it turned out, but am not overly stoked on the way my handwriting looks. I really need to practice it a bit. It end up being a huge part of the image. Different from Children’s book illustration in that aspect where it’s mostly preferred to have all text be a real font so that translations would be easier to conjure up. …. but, yeah, that’s exactly what I had wanted to do with this comic. I wanted to make a 9 page comic because I’ve only ever made shorter and mostly one pagers/ not at all the same thing in terms of process. I have been wanting to write this graphic novel so I thought it’d be good to make a couple of shorter ones first to test out the waters of the new craft. Job accomplished I guess!

1_optp2_optp3_optthese are the first three pages.

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