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On Play

Here is a talk on the topic of Play from TED Talks given by Stuart Brown.

At topic is the neuroscience of play, all of the amazing benefits of play, ‘it is said that the opposite of play is depression’. Brown states that ‘the basis of human trust is established through play’ and acknowledges play to be  a powerful transformative force!

At one point he asks the viewer to’ go back to the most joyful moment you can remember through play and see where it takes you! Try to recreate this…. lots of people change jobs after this.’ :)

For me that part is easy, it’s drawing and looking and drawing and making things. … so fitting I had just posted the undercover spotted medusa! Looking and drawing and imagining.

Not really sure about the end of the video that shows a short video created about ‘how to make meetings more fun’. The idea/solution(?) suggested isn’t actually solving anything about this realistically! I found this part of bit unfortunate… funny, sure, but real? i guess if it was just supposed to be a fun video, ok, but if it was actually on how to make meetings more fun … then no. … it is possible to have a fun meeting you know! … depending where you work I guess.

Frankly after that bitI think the whole talk goes down the tube, but the beginning is really very good to check out! … But I still like Lynda Barry’s talk better. I will have to find it and post it.. or did I already post it before?… ahhh bad memory!

Thanks Allee for sending this my way!

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Undercover Medusa spotted!

She thought no one would see her there … buuuut she was wrong!

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Still busy writing a business plan… it’s a very interesting process. I’m learning a ton. Today I took a little break and went to the park. It had been raining all day and just when we got to the park it stopped and the sun came out in all of it’s awesomeness for just long enough for us to enjoy it. Then when we left it went away again and hid behind some clouds. This nice little photo was taken by Mr. Ian Johnston… thanks Ian!

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Sooooo true!


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Surveys are very fun! … no?

Hello hello hello!

I have not been updating this blog or my Iheartbpicturebooks blog for a very long time … because… I’m currently in the early stages of putting together a little business operation I’ve dreamed up. I’m taking a pretty fun program at the YMCA called the New Ventures Program (as discussed in the last post) and one of the things we are to do for an assignment is … create a survey!

So here’s my survey. I would really truly appreciate it if you could take it and also if you could pass it on to anyone you know who might be interested in taking it. Your friends, family and so on. I know that surveys can sometimes be really uncool and take forever, but this one will really only take 3 minutes -there’s only 10 questions. (use the blue scroll bar to get to all of them) And hey, it’s about a pretty fun topic I think. And think of all the fun in checking off little dots with check-marks!

Thanks in advance and remember that we’ll still be friends even if you don’t take the survey!

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

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