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Little Red Riding Hood

One of the assignments I always give in my class is to illustrate a part of Little Red Riding Hood. Since I’ve been a bit sick, I decided I should be doing this assignment myself this time around.

Several cups of ginger tea later here’s what came out … of the woods.

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Another doll I made

I also found an image of this guy here amongst lots of other doll images. I used to make quite a lot of them. It’s funny, I can hardly remember really making all of them. There were lots. And now they are all in someones home out there somewhere… hopefully still. I like this one a lot too and he kinda matches the other two guys there.

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Old Doll couple

I’m in the process of sifting through old files on my computer and organizing. Computer and analog…I”m also organizing my studio right now. Double organization = maximum efficiency… I hope…. :)

Here is a doll couple I made back in 03′ or 04′ can’t really remember. I quite like those guys. I wonder who bought them…. where do they live now after all these years? Strange.

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I’m pretty busy these days, between teaching classes, working on a business plan and also keeping up with my personal art practice there isn’t too much time left for… well.. everything else… wouldn’t it be cool if there were three of me? Then I could juggle all sorts of stuff!

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