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Courage & Goodwill: The results

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One more colour experiment

Illustration by Helme Heine

Colour inspired by Helme Heine

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More colour inspiration

Image by Richard Scarry

Colour inspired by Richard Scarry

Unknown AWESOME image :)

Colour inspired by unknown AWESOME image.

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Today I am a colour thief

This week in my class we’ll be looking at how being a temporary colour thief can really help you narrow down your palette, look more at other artists you love and come to view your strengths and weaknesses in the vast vast world that is colour! I will make everyone bring in an object or image who’s colours they like a lot and then we will colour the same image several times using these different combinations as inspiration. I haven’t actually done this myself for a long time and in light of the results of my demonstration images here I must say that I maybe Should do so more often.

Illustration from her 'Zodiac Series' by Jillian Tamaki

Colour inspired by Jillian Tamaki

'In the grass' by Nadia Moss

Colour inspired by Nadia Moss

Image by Marc Boutavant

Colour inspired by Marc Boutavant

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I made some bird jars

So I had made these jars for Shakey Snakes and then what do you know but that he had posted them on his blog. I didn’t want to post them on the blog because I thought that would make them a bit less special but since they now already exist in the internet world, se la vie.

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Info about Presentation & Readings for elementary schools and other interested venues:

Hey all of you lovely folks!

I have recently taken the time to create some profiles on the ‘Writers Union of Canada‘ website as well as the ‘CWILL/Children’s Writers and Illustrators of BC‘ (which I recently joined) member page.

Both profiles supply information on author/illustrator presentations and readings as well as fees for elementary school visits and other events.
Click HERE for my profile on the Writers Union of Canada site
Click HERE for my profile on the CWILL site
I just thought that these links might be useful for some of you who have either asked me about doing presentations or as something that is easy to pass onto others who might be interested.
So yes, if you work in an elementary school in the lower Mainland and your looking for a fun presentation and reading from an author and illustrator of Children’s Books, look no further!
Lisa Cinar
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My Original Drawings for Sale on Etsy


Original artwork from ‘The Day it all Blew Away’ is finally on Etsy!

So, should you or your loved ones be in need of some original illustrations from a published Children’s Book, look no further! Reasonably priced and dimensions that are easy to frame. Would make a pretty cool present I think. Especially if you buy the book to go along with it!

Check out the shop!

(also, if you’re buying more than one drawing the shipping prices are the same as just for one. I think I posted that wrong for some of them, so just a heads up… oopps)

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Drawing of the Day

Trees, or the German equivalent. I love both equally.

Rainy, rainy Vancouver, when will you not be rainy anymore? Vancouver:”Never!” Me:”Oh! … Dang.”

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Writing Techniques: Cluster Writing

Here’s a really valuable brainstorming exercise for pretty much anything from writing to illustrating to… organizing your life… Cluster writing!

Below… an example I did. The subject I gave myself to write on is in the middle. Bears!
It’s an especially good exercise if you’re like me and how should I say it…. ALL OVER THE PLACE thought wise. It allows you to easily, visually view and assess which ideas are most interesting to you. Bingo! Try it. Time yourself! 5 minutes! Go!

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