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Christmas Panni

Over the holidays I finally got some time to relax, hang about and do some long needed drawing (without working on a specific project). ‘Aimless’ drawing is so important to me! Man is it ever. Anyhoooo… here’s one that I liked a lot so I coloured it in. It’s my cute little (but really not little at all) dog Pancake. All cozy and curled up like a Christmas stollen. Merry happy holidays!

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Draw Me A Lion!

So yes, It’s quite funny but I don’t believe I have posted anything about this here yet. I have opened up a little online shop called Draw Me A Lion. The launch for it was at Collage Collage here in Vancouver about a month and a half ago and went great! I have been working on this project for the last year and now it is finally happening. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited about it. Our products are already being carried in two fantastic shops here in Vancouver and that’s just the beginning!

Do check it out sometime. It is very special to me my little shop and I have created some things that I would have liked to have myself when I was little.

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Class: Our Awesome Pirate Model Guy!

Back from the Christmas snooze and now I finally have some time to post some things I’ve been meaning to! For example, these pics here from my last class that I had in this year, namely my Illustration for Picture Book Portfolio class. I decided that it would be great to draw a model from life and more specifically so, a pirate. I read my students a part of a pirate story for inspiration and then asked them to either illustrate this one or another pirate involving story, using the model as a starting point. I had asked for a whole bunch of outlandish prop requests and thinking that they probably could not be fulfilled I had lugged a huge bag of things along with me. Little did I know that we were going to have the most prepared and versatile model ever! His name was Guy and he did the best poses, brought his own amazing children’s pirate costume (that fit him), down to the earring, eye-patch and plastic gun and didn’t even have a problem with me asking him to put gross fake plastic teeth in for some of the poses. I’m pretty certain he was the best model I’ve ever had! The only thing that was a little sad was that I didn’t get a chance to draw him since I was teaching. There was a part where everyone seemed to be doing good and so I couldn’t help but do a couple of quick sketches. Which I’m posting here.

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