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Yay! I’m in the 3×3 Directory!

So if you know 3×3 you will know that it’s one of the coolest illustration mags out there and so you’d thus also be preeeety stoked to be included in the directory that they put out every year!

Yesssss! I’m in the 2012 3×3 directory and they even gave me a full spread for my illustration! Awesome! I had been waiting for it to get here and it came right the day before my birthday! What a great present!

Here is the original image as well as the image as it appears in the directory.

Here is what the 2012 directory looks like from the front (no no this image is not by me)

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My ‘Hello Vancouver Postcards’ are on Zealous

I was asked a while back if could use some of my images for their portfolio site. Well, here they are up along with some preeeety cool other artists work. It’s fun site to browse around a bit. So many different genres, styles and techniques. Neat.

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Trees drawn in sunnier times

This past summer I went on a few really great camping trips with some really great people. During one of these I had decided to draw a tree at all the different spots we’d camp at. And so I did. Of course just like all my other sketches, they never got to be posted up on the ‘sketchblog’. Until today that is.

I decided to leave the pages as they are so you can see through them and in some cases see what came before the previous drawing and so on. I can’t wait until it’s summer again. I am not a cold weather person to say the least, putting these trees up here is making me feel a bit more summery already.  The last two trees (the one you can see on the right last page and the one you can see through on the left but is nowhere in shown here in full) are my favorite really. I drew them both with a headlamp on in the dark, next to a fire while listening to one of my camping buds read ‘The Quick and the Dead’ out loud.

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