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New artwork

My dream for this one would be if someone wanted to use it for an album cover. I can hear the kind of album it would be, but of course I’m not a musician… so … one of you will have to take care of that bit. ;) A good friend of mine might have something planned for it… we’ll see.

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One of my illustrations for the Draw Me A Lion shop is featured on the super fantastico Drawn blog! Drawn is run by a few cool Canadian Illustrators and always showcases some really great stuff, so it’s an honor to be featured on it. Just a few postings before mine is a clip of Chris Ware being interviewed which is great to watch.

The posting was made my John Martz, who also has a great portfolio site. Thanks for posting it John!

Drawn is awesome and if you don’t know it you should totally check it out for tons of inspiration on all things, well, … drawn. ;)

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Two more people

…Who I also don’t know… but they look pretty fun. I feel like they could be part of the same story, but the story starts of from two points of view and then they meet in the middle or near the end somewhere.

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Who is this guy?

I have no idea, but apparently he decided to show up today when I was going to make a quick new drawing. Welcome to the world funny Cloud Shaker guy!

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Fun In the Meadow

I’m starting to be able to draw like when I was little again. And that is sooooo exciting! I feel really good about this one here. It’s much bigger in real life.

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Magic Flute

My mom’s favorite Opera was always the Magic Flute. I have heard it many times and am kinda a fan now myself. I made this drawing and then immediately thought of my Mom. I think it might be really fun for me to do some more drawings from this amazing opera. Also it seems that I’m starting to be able to figure out a way to draw for a more adult audience that still holds true to the overall childlike quality I want to have show through in the work that I put out.

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Ten Paces And Draw – Sendak Tribute

My commemorative Where the Wild Things Are illustration is featured on this  Ten Paces & Draw, Sendak Tribute post today. See if you can find it.

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Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all of you sweet mom’s out there!

Here is a close up from a Mother Day card I made for Draw Me A Lion.

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Hurrah for 3×3 Mag issue #18

I just got my copy of the new 3×3 Magazine and guess who’s Thank You Card illustration for Draw Me A Lion is in the Gallery section? Miiiine! Hurray! This issue has a children’s book illustration theme and starts off with a feature on Eric Carle and his work. Such an honor to be in the same magazine along with him! Incidentally I just so happen to be reading a very fantastic book on Carle right now. “The Art of Eric Carle” So inspiring!

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Goodbye Maurice Sendak

The first thing I found out this morning was that Maurice Sendak died. I am really sad about this. He was such an inspiration to me and so many other people that it is a shock even though he was 83, just like it’s always a shock when someone you love simple isn’t going to be around anymore. Out of all the illustrators I can think of he is one of the ones that  really carved his own way. Many of his books were hugely controversial, loved by some, hated by others. He sure didn’t let that stop him from doing it again all over with his next project. And even though he mentioned in an interview that everyone is quoting these days that he had based the Wild Things on his relatives, I think he was the most Wild Thing of them all.

I will miss you Mr. Sendak. You were truly unique.

Here is a drawing to commemorate the day.

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Spring Tree Fun

I was going to just build another lantern house (see post before last) but then when I got to drawing I just really wanted to draw a fun tree with kids on it instead. I think it came out really fun! Yay for spring and kids in trees! If you ask me there isn’t enough of either happening around here currently. I just added this to my personal projects. Here is a link if you want to see it  bigger in it’s full glory ;)

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Tattoo Designs for Creative Cast

Hurray! So happy to share these two illustrations I was commissioned for by Creative Cast!

These two designs of mine will soon be for sale in form of Tattoos in Children’s hospitals all over BC for kids to put on their casts!

How awesome is that? So exciting!

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Lantern House

I just build myself this new fort… of course by building I mean that I drew it….

Could someone build it for me for real? Either that or … could someone turn me into a drawing so that I can go and hang out in this one?

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