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Memory Drawing

I made my friend a card the other day and drew this on it. It is the memory of her black poodle. It came out a bit beautiful and a bit strange. Just like a memory.

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Uppercase Magazine Feature

I am really honored to be included in the new issue of Uppercase Magazine! It has some amazing people (Isabelle Arsenault, John Klassen, Olvier Jeffers, just to name a few) featured in it and might just be my favorite issue yet! My feature on Advise for budding picture book creators was both fun and challenging to write. What do you include when you have such little space? I think I came up with a pretty comprehensive list of some things that are important to consider for all of those future Picture Book makers out there. Thanks Uppercase! It was a total pleasure:)

More on this topic here on my I Heart Picture Books blog.

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Summer time drawing

Here is a bit of what I’ve been doing lately. So loving hanging out on my porch and getting some quality drawing time in now that the weather is beautiful. This is what I love the most. Maybe I”ll make that one a print for Draw Me a Lion? What do you think?

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