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Collaboration: Puzzle with Pop-Up

I did a collaboration with some friends of mine from France a while ago. They are a photo site that on the occasional collaborates with illustrators such as myself on a project. Their site -as the name suggests- functions on a pop-up concept, where you click on a certain number and a collection of photos will ‘pop-up’.

We wanted to do something that really lets you take advantage of the way the site it set up and so Tadaaa, we came up with … A PUZZLE! It’s a spooky but fun forest scene. My friend/collaborator on the project Maximin Costa took the photo and I added all sorts of creatures that would thrive in this kind of environment. See if you can put it together! :)

Make sure to click #16 when you open the site. That’s where the puzzle is.

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Flower Dude

These funny flower dudes keep showing up in my sketchbook. This one strikes me as particularly German looking with his little hat so I thought I’d pick him for show and tell. Other than that… working lots on Draw Me A Lion projects, trying to work on a few personal projects, just finished teaching for the semester and trying to also enjoy the rest of my Summer a bit. Yikes!

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Cute Tattoo Casts at BC Children’s Hospital:)

The other day I finally got to see how the tattoo designs I made for the local company Creative Cast turned out. And they turned out great! :) They even gave me these two little casts with my tattoos on them for me to see how they look like on the actual casts. And I of course also got a bunch of tattoos from them. Yay.

It really makes me super happy to be able to make some cute little kid feel better about their cast. I hope they offer them to adults too at some point. Anyways, super cool project that I had all the creative freedom in the world with and it turned out great, for both me and the client. Hurrah! Perfect world scenario.

My little dog tattoo in midst some other designs featured by Creative Cast. That's about as fun as having something broken will ever get me thinks.

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