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Recently I was trying to think of what to make as presents for both – one of my best friend’s baby shower and another one of my best friends’ birthday present. I wanted to make them something and not just buy something, but what? And then a magical little word appeared in my head… Piñata!

The dog piñata was for my friend and long-time roommate Jared who is sometimes (jokingly) heard to utter that he wants to kill another roommate of ours – my dog.

The other piñata is a stork because who else could you possibly  beat up during a baby shower? Both were of course stuffed with tons of  candy, which I unfortunately forgot to take a picture of.

LIsa-Cinar-Pinata1LIsa-Cinar-Pinata2 LIsa-Cinar-Pinata3 LIsa-Cinar-pinata6LIsa-Cinar-pinata4

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