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Panels for Primates

A while ago I was asked by Troy Wilson writer and Primate advocate if I would be interested in contributing to the new Panels for Primates Junior (an anthology of comics for kids about primates). All of the proceeds of this project go to the primate rescue center. Of course I thought this was a great project and here’s a preview of what came out of it. (I am only allowed to post a part of the image for the time being. To view the full the full image check out the publication or check the blog again after the official release.) Always fun to do something free for a good cause.

Picture 9

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We miss you Margaret!

Putting together a presentation for my class on hand lettering and came across this Margaret Kilgallen video. I remember how excited I was when I first discovered her work while still in school. And I remember how sad and crazy it felt  when I realized that she was already dead. I wish she was around today. We need more awesome women like her. Her work was so strong already who knows what she would be working on today. If you’re a fan of hers…warning…you might need some tissues for this video.

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Flag Colouring Book for Draw Me A Lion

I illustrated and designed a new colouring book for my shop Draw Me a Lion. It’s got a whole bunch of flags in it that you can colour, cut out and glue onto sticks…and there are even sticks included in the the book. Pretty excited about this new project:)

Here’s the cover & the back of the book as well as a sample page of the inside.

Fun Flags Colouring BookDrawMeALion-Page-from-Flag-BookLIsaCinar-back-of-flagbook

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