I’m teaching a 3 Day Workshop in Whistler!

In case you life in or around Whistler and have been wanting to learn all about Illustration for Picture Books I will be teaching a 3 Day Workshop there at the Alta Lake House from July 9th-July11th. You can sign up and read all about it here and check out all other cool workshops offered including one by the amazing illustrator Calef Brown!

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Once you have signed up for the workshop you will have to complete the following two homework assignments which you will then bring to the first class. It is important that you complete the assignment prior to class so that we will be able to look at them and provide feedback on them during the class.

Assignment #1

Create 10 Sketches and 1 Final Illustration

Part A)

Make 10 illustration SKETCHES for the following text. Then pick one of the sketches and turn it into a FINAL illustration! (Each sketch needs to be on a loose piece of paper so we can easily tape them up on the wall to view in class)

I Don’t Want to Travel (by Emmanuelle Houdart)

I Don’t Want to Travel

Except in the hand of a giant

Except on a witch’s broomstick

Except in the jaws of a wolf

Except in a bottle of raspberry syrup

Except on the back of my tortoise

Except with my catfish

Except by the light of the moon

Except under the sea

Except with my favorite book.

You can choose any size of paper you’d like, and any medium you’d like to use. Think of this assignment as if you were asked to provide a full set of sketches for a short story called ‘I Don’t Want to Travel’ that is going to be published as a picture book. Please don’t spend a lot of time refining your images since they are only to be SKETCHES for final images. Do spend some time on your one final illustration of this assignment.

Part B)

Research an illustrator who’s work you love but who’s style is a bit different from what you usually draw/create. Try to add some elements of your researched illustrators style into your one final illustration from the story I Don’t Want To Travel. But do NOT totally copy this illustrators style. Just pick something you like about their style that could work for your illustration. Maybe the medium, or the colour scheme etc…Please bring an image from the illustrator’s work you had referenced to class along with your final illustration and 10 sketches.

Here are the specs for the assignment in bullet form.

-At least 10 pages (loose,single sided, please don’t staple yet)

-Any format or size you want (but you have to be able to bring them into class obviously)

-Incorporate the text into the images, because this text is short I’d like you write it on the page and think of where you’re placing it.

-Try to keep it loose and do what feels right. We will be talking more about how to go about this in our next class.


Assignment #2


Create 2 Final Illustrations for the Nursery Rhyme Three Blind Mice

Three blind mice, three blind mice. 

See how they run, see how they run. 
They all ran after the farmer’s wife, 
who cut their tales with a carving knife. 
Did you ever see such a thing in your life as three blind mice.
• Create at 2 final illustrations for the above nursery rhyme
• Include the text in your illustrations
• Break up the text anyway you want, but you may not alter the actual text (ie. change the words)
• Pay attention to keeping your characters and style consistent, and think about the placement of the text in the image.
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