Reading Lights Plaque at Jones Park!

Super cool news alert! Bear’s Winter Party was selected as one of the Reading Lights books! This means that you can now visit the permanent plaque that has a bit about the book and it’s creators (ie. the lovely Deborah Hodge and myself) at Jones Park here in Vancouver! How fun:)

You can find all the great Reading Lights books and their locations here at the Reading Lights website.

To celebrate, author Deborah Hodge and I had a tasty lunch at one of my fave spots in town Chow Veggie Express which just happens to be couple of blocks away from Jones Park where our plaque resides. It was so great to see it! Hooray!

Next time your at Chow Veggie Express, go for a little stroll and check it out! ps: yay! They hung the plaque low enough that it will hopefully be viewable by kids! :))


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