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Blueprint 2018 • May20-22

COME VISIT ME AT BLUEPRINT in NY to check out my brand new licensing portfolio!

SHOW 2: MAY 20-22 2018 ///BOOTH #16 (on the ground floor)


Looking to license artwork for your company? Register here for Blueprint.


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Reading Lights Plaque at Jones Park!

Super cool news alert! Bear’s Winter Party was selected as one of the Reading Lights books! This means that you can now visit the permanent plaque that has a bit about the book and it’s creators (ie. the lovely Deborah Hodge and myself) at Jones Park here in Vancouver! How fun:)

You can find all the great Reading Lights books and their locations here at the Reading Lights website.

To celebrate, author Deborah Hodge and I had a tasty lunch at one of my fave spots in town Chow Veggie Express which just happens to be couple of blocks away from Jones Park where our plaque resides. It was so great to see it! Hooray!

Next time your at Chow Veggie Express, go for a little stroll and check it out! ps: yay! They hung the plaque low enough that it will hopefully be viewable by kids! :))


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Clara Humble Book 2 “Quiz Whiz” in Bologna!

It’s so exciting to see the second book in the Clara Humble series come out this fall and spotted here at the Bologna Children’s Book fair. Check out this super cool banner trio! Book 1 & 2 along with a cute placeholder poster for book 3 already! Wooohooooo! In the meantime I’m just getting started on the illustrations for book 3 here in the studio and book 2 is all wrapped up and ready to come out this fall! Can’t wait!Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 4.12.16 PM

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Outdoor Illustration for Winteruption

It was pretty cool to see my illustration ‘Cloudy Day’ blown up to bus shelter size as part of the outdoor illustration series for the Winterruption Festival on Granville Island! Here is a photo of me and the piece. Yay for fun illustrations popping up here and there in our city! Thanks Everyone at Winterruption for asking me to be a part of this!



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Studio Interview in CCBC January Newsletter

I got interviewed for the January Newsletter of the Canadian Children’s Book Centre! Check out my interview and about the process of making Bear’s Winter Party here! (scroll down towards the bottom!) So happy about this!

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 6.31.35 PM

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Clara Humble is Ontario Library Best Bets Pick!

Clara Humble and the Not-So-Super Powers has been selected by the Ontario Library Association as one of their top ten Best Bets for Junior Fiction. It’ll get to wear a sticker and everything! Hooray!


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My new projects spotted at Bologna Children’s Books Fair!

Super cool three-banner Clara Humble display at Owl Kids booth in Bologna!

Super cool three-banner Clara Humble display at Owl Kids booth in Bologna!

Cool news! I illustrated two new books that will both be coming out this Fall. One is a picture book called Bears Winter Party, written by Deborah Hodge and published by Groundwood Books. The other one is a middle grade novel called Clara Humble, written by Anna Humphrey and published by Owl Kids Books. I wasn’t going to post about this until later on in the Summer but then two different people sent me pictures of the books on display at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair! I’ve been wanting to visit that fair for a long time and seeing the pictures of my books there and the cool display that Owl Kids made with my illustrations made me super happy. Even though I myself haven’t made the trip to Italy for this event, my books have. Feels great! Big thanks to everyone at Groundwood and Owl Kids for making that happen!

Bear's Winter Party spotted at the Groundwood Books booth in Bologna!

Bear’s Winter Party spotted at the Groundwood Books booth in Bologna!


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Cultivating Imagination. A show of SCBWI members at the Lynn Valley LIbrary

I was very happy to have been part of the show Cultivating Imagination at the Lynn Valley Library. The show was on display from Feb-April 2016 and was curated and organized by SCBWI member Anita Miettunen in collaboration with the Vancouver Arts Council.

I contributed two large scale black and white ink drawings which you can see below in the pics. Thanks so much to Anita for organizing and everyone involved!  The show looked lovely in the space and had great feedback at the library. Here are a few photos taken by Akemi and courtesy of the Vancouver Arts Council from the reception.





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Small Wonder Mag

Super happy to be part of the first issue of the new-cool-local-kids-mag Small Wonder! I contributed a one spread comic as well as an illustrated activity for the inaugural issue. Here’s some pics of the super cute looking magazine. Hurray! :)

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 5.53.07 PMsmallwonder-lisacinar1-optsmallwonder-lisacinar-inside2-opt

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SCBWI Conference

I was very happy to be a guest speaker at the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators Conference a few weeks ago. I started with a two hour illustration workshop, then had some downtime during which we had a fun lunch and I got to hang out by the pool enjoying the sun and our freakishly warm and un-Fall like weather. Later on I also did a presentation on the history of the picture book. I got to see many of my lovely past students and met lots of other fun and talented folks. All in all, really fun time! Here’s a few pics.

SCBWI-6-optSCBWI-5-optSCBWI-1-opt SCBWI-2-opt SCBWI-3-opt IMG_2089

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Backyard Biodiversity at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 2.52.03 PMLast week I attended the launch of the Backyard Biodiversity exhibit at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum. Exhibited alongside it’s usual fare of stuffed animals and insects are the works of children’s book writers and illustrators from British Columbia. One of my illustrations from ‘The Day it all Blew Away’ is featured as part of the exhibit and I am so happy to say that somehow it managed to get the best spot, right by the kids reading area. It was a fun launch with a readings by local authors like the fantastic Tiffany Stone and then some of the illustrators – myself included – did some activities with kids and families. Drawings of animals and all sorts of other things were made, Birds were collaged and all in all it was just a fun old time. Big thanks to the Beaty for inviting me to be part of this event.

The show is on until Feb. 15th 2015. IMG_2139

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Blog is now ‘News Only’ & Move to tumblr


Dear Sketchblog you’ve served me well, but…

I’ve been putting it off for a long time but now it’s time for me to move to tumblr. Check out the brand new tumblr
here and follow along with all my new illustration postings.

BUT… I will still use this blog to post my news! So now it’s just a news blog. :)

Thanks so much for visiting here & see you on tumblr!



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Been meaning to post this for a while. I got two amazing and huge thank you cards with messages and drawings from the kids at Britannia Elementary where I did an illustrator/author visit a few weeks ago. Here’s pics of some of them. Thank YOU so much for being such great kiddos and teachers everyone at Britannia!
photo 2photo 4 photo 5 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 4 photo 5 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

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I’m teaching a 3 Day Workshop in Whistler!

In case you life in or around Whistler and have been wanting to learn all about Illustration for Picture Books I will be teaching a 3 Day Workshop there at the Alta Lake House from July 9th-July11th. You can sign up and read all about it here and check out all other cool workshops offered including one by the amazing illustrator Calef Brown!

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 2.36.44 PM


Once you have signed up for the workshop you will have to complete the following two homework assignments which you will then bring to the first class. It is important that you complete the assignment prior to class so that we will be able to look at them and provide feedback on them during the class.

Assignment #1

Create 10 Sketches and 1 Final Illustration

Part A)

Make 10 illustration SKETCHES for the following text. Then pick one of the sketches and turn it into a FINAL illustration! (Each sketch needs to be on a loose piece of paper so we can easily tape them up on the wall to view in class)

I Don’t Want to Travel (by Emmanuelle Houdart)

I Don’t Want to Travel

Except in the hand of a giant

Except on a witch’s broomstick

Except in the jaws of a wolf

Except in a bottle of raspberry syrup

Except on the back of my tortoise

Except with my catfish

Except by the light of the moon

Except under the sea

Except with my favorite book.

You can choose any size of paper you’d like, and any medium you’d like to use. Think of this assignment as if you were asked to provide a full set of sketches for a short story called ‘I Don’t Want to Travel’ that is going to be published as a picture book. Please don’t spend a lot of time refining your images since they are only to be SKETCHES for final images. Do spend some time on your one final illustration of this assignment.

Part B)

Research an illustrator who’s work you love but who’s style is a bit different from what you usually draw/create. Try to add some elements of your researched illustrators style into your one final illustration from the story I Don’t Want To Travel. But do NOT totally copy this illustrators style. Just pick something you like about their style that could work for your illustration. Maybe the medium, or the colour scheme etc…Please bring an image from the illustrator’s work you had referenced to class along with your final illustration and 10 sketches.

Here are the specs for the assignment in bullet form.

-At least 10 pages (loose,single sided, please don’t staple yet)

-Any format or size you want (but you have to be able to bring them into class obviously)

-Incorporate the text into the images, because this text is short I’d like you write it on the page and think of where you’re placing it.

-Try to keep it loose and do what feels right. We will be talking more about how to go about this in our next class.


Assignment #2


Create 2 Final Illustrations for the Nursery Rhyme Three Blind Mice

Three blind mice, three blind mice. 

See how they run, see how they run. 
They all ran after the farmer’s wife, 
who cut their tales with a carving knife. 
Did you ever see such a thing in your life as three blind mice.
• Create at 2 final illustrations for the above nursery rhyme
• Include the text in your illustrations
• Break up the text anyway you want, but you may not alter the actual text (ie. change the words)
• Pay attention to keeping your characters and style consistent, and think about the placement of the text in the image.
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Drawing Night & Day

I am excited to have a show with Kaori Kasai at Visual Space Gallery. I will be mostly showing ink drawing, and watercolours.

Come & check it out!



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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

We’re only a week into it and this year is already filling up fast with projects, jobs and lots of fun stuff for me. Yay! Hello 2014 so far so good. Keep it coming!


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Panels for Primates

A while ago I was asked by Troy Wilson writer and Primate advocate if I would be interested in contributing to the new Panels for Primates Junior (an anthology of comics for kids about primates). All of the proceeds of this project go to the primate rescue center. Of course I thought this was a great project and here’s a preview of what came out of it. (I am only allowed to post a part of the image for the time being. To view the full the full image check out the publication or check the blog again after the official release.) Always fun to do something free for a good cause.

Picture 9

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Where Does the Time Go & Sessional Faculty at ECUAD

Where does the time go indeed? I’ve been asking myself that a lot lately. Is it under the couch somewhere? Do parts of it fall in between the cushions and then just vanish? Do I accidentally throw fractions of it out when I take the garbage out or wash bits away when doing my laundry? WHAT is going on?

Some of the mystery of this time theft might be answered by the fact that I am now not only teaching classes in the Contintuing Studies department at ECUAD, but also  as sessional faculty in curriculum classes. Who would have thought that 9 years after graduating from Emily Carr I am back to be one of those bothersome teachers;). And even though I’ve been teaching classes in Continuing Studies for three years prior to this I still catch myself from time to time when i have all these kids staring at me while I’m talking, where I”m thinking…is this for real? But…alas it is and I have to say that I’m getting used to it a lot quicker than I thought I would. Being a teach is pretty neat:) Then of course it is also Fall thus the busiest part of my life as online shop owner for my entrepreneurial undertaking Draw Me A Lion. So I guess when teaching three courses and having to send out catalogues and ship off orders it shouldn’t be that big of a surprise that time is short at hand… But it’s still uncanny how quickly it seems to move lately… could it be that it has to do something with that getting older thing that some of you were telling me about? Let’s hope not!

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Photos from the Opening & Video of the Show

The reception for Little Red Riding Hood & other Stories was great fun despite me getting a nice cold just in time and I’d like to thank everyone who came out to it. Here are a few pics from the show. I’ve had so much positive feedback regarding the show, including people telling me that it inspired them to try their own hand at illustrating the story of Little Red. Well. I believe it was officially a success then. Here is a video I made of the show in case you didn’t get the chance to check it out and would like to take a look via the internets.

For some more very sweet pics of the show check out Amy Warkentin’s blog downhomeamy. Thanks Amy!

Picture 4

illustration from the show by the talented Sophie Fuldauer

Picture 11

EptomINF8IZzUDyejVuNGXIdBDyagNBNCiOckx8MdD8,CsCkjHcp9Y2GKHNUzmLrAet11OWynyGITRbyFO49eJA (1)


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Little Red Riding Hood & Other Stories

You’re invited!

Picture 19

Little Red Riding Hood and Other Stories

The Making of a Picture Book

June 14 – 29, 2013

Emily Carr Concourse Gallery

Opening reception 2:00 pm, Saturday, June 15

Free and open to the public daily from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

This exhibition brings together illustrations created for Little Red Riding Hood and other stories, as well as original picture books created by current and former students in the Continuing Studies courses Illustration for Picture Books I and Illustration for Picture Books II.

Curated by Lisa Cinar.

Emily Carr University of Art + Design

1399 Johnston Street, Vancouver, BC


It’s hard to believe that I’ve been teaching at Emily Carr for three years already, but it’s true. So many talented students took my course, and now it is my pleasure to be able to share some of the work that they produced in class with the public. The show titled ‘Little Red Riding Hood and Other Stories – The Making of a Picture Book’ presents work that Continuing Studies students created in my level 1 and level 2 Illustration for Picture Book courses.The majority of the show is dedicated to student’s interpretations of the timeless tale of little red riding hood, which is one of the assignments given in class. Students have one week to complete assignments.

Continuing Studies programs are great because of a number of reasons but I think mainly because anyone can take them. I always have a great mix of people in my classes and I know that all of them really want to be in the class and are genuinely interested in the subject matter. It makes teaching so much fun. Sure, I groan about the prep and admin work from time to time but in the end every time I’m actually in the classroom and have people come in, excited to learn and with great work it’s so worth it.

So this show is a tribute to all of my past students, the effort they put into the course, the work that they made, and the things that they taught me.

Come and check it out!

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! I’m really excited for this new year because I feel like it holds so much promise. I look back at the past year and all the things I accomplished and all the things I haven’t gotten around to yet and all the victories and all the failures and all the mistakes but mostly all the gooey good stuff in the middle. Keep it coming baby! 2013 Here we come. It’s gonna be a good one! I can feel it in my bones.

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Big Kids Magazine/ Game On!

If you are into cool creative magazines for kids and you don’t know BIG Kids Mag yet, you should definitely check them out! I remember noticing them at first for their really creative and unusual content that’s not neccesarily Just for kids:)

Because of the fact that I’m such a fan, I’m really happy to be a part of their current ‘Game On’ issue. Various artists/illustrators where partnered up with a young artist and asked to recreate their work. I got partnered with Aimee, age 4 from Australia. Here’s the result. Personally I think Aimee’s is much better. Next time I will not be as literal and approach the starting drawing more as a springboard for new ideas me thinks. Of course always good to try a bit of everything. All in all. Fuuuuun! Thanks Big Kids Mag and thanks Aimee for making such a cool drawing! The first one is Aimee’s and the second one is mine.

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Canzine ‘Get In Where You Fit In’ Show

This year as part of Canzine local artists/curators Alex Stursberg and Brennan Kelly where asked to put together a participatory art show. The result was ‘Get in Where you Fit in’, a show that displayed original black and white 8×10 drawings of various local artists/illustrators as well as a large print of these drawings that the public was welcome to colour in and add to. Underneath each print a station of brushes, paints, markers and pencils were set up. What a sweet idea!

I was really happy to be part of this show and was told that a woman came in and coloured my drawing in for a really long and intense time. Awesome. Mission accomplished!

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Collaboration: Puzzle with Pop-Up

I did a collaboration with some friends of mine from France a while ago. They are a photo site that on the occasional collaborates with illustrators such as myself on a project. Their site -as the name suggests- functions on a pop-up concept, where you click on a certain number and a collection of photos will ‘pop-up’.

We wanted to do something that really lets you take advantage of the way the site it set up and so Tadaaa, we came up with … A PUZZLE! It’s a spooky but fun forest scene. My friend/collaborator on the project Maximin Costa took the photo and I added all sorts of creatures that would thrive in this kind of environment. See if you can put it together! :)

Make sure to click #16 when you open the site. That’s where the puzzle is.

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