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Blog is now ‘News Only’ & Move to tumblr


Dear Sketchblog you’ve served me well, but…

I’ve been putting it off for a long time but now it’s time for me to move to tumblr. Check out the brand new tumblr
here and follow along with all my new illustration postings.

BUT… I will still use this blog to post my news! So now it’s just a news blog. :)

Thanks so much for visiting here & see you on tumblr!



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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

We’re only a week into it and this year is already filling up fast with projects, jobs and lots of fun stuff for me. Yay! Hello 2014 so far so good. Keep it coming!


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Panels for Primates

A while ago I was asked by Troy Wilson writer and Primate advocate if I would be interested in contributing to the new Panels for Primates Junior (an anthology of comics for kids about primates). All of the proceeds of this project go to the primate rescue center. Of course I thought this was a great project and here’s a preview of what came out of it. (I am only allowed to post a part of the image for the time being. To view the full the full image check out the publication or check the blog again after the official release.) Always fun to do something free for a good cause.

Picture 9

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We miss you Margaret!

Putting together a presentation for my class on hand lettering and came across this Margaret Kilgallen video. I remember how excited I was when I first discovered her work while still in school. And I remember how sad and crazy it felt  when I realized that she was already dead. I wish she was around today. We need more awesome women like her. Her work was so strong already who knows what she would be working on today. If you’re a fan of hers…warning…you might need some tissues for this video.

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Flag Colouring Book for Draw Me A Lion

I illustrated and designed a new colouring book for my shop Draw Me a Lion. It’s got a whole bunch of flags in it that you can colour, cut out and glue onto sticks…and there are even sticks included in the the book. Pretty excited about this new project:)

Here’s the cover & the back of the book as well as a sample page of the inside.

Fun Flags Colouring BookDrawMeALion-Page-from-Flag-BookLIsaCinar-back-of-flagbook

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Label Extras/Process

Just found these kicking around while cleaning up my hard drive and thought they might be nice to show. These are a few of the other label ideas I had come up with for the label job for In The Oven Caramels. The one they choose you already saw in the last post of course. ( pink lines indicated ideas for their designer to place text, etc) Yep.



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Label Illo for [In The Oven]

Recently I had the pleasure of making a label illustration for the fun ladies from In The Oven gourmet caramels. The label is for a special limited edition of spiced caramels they are selling this season. Their caramels are deeeee-licious and I hear their new coconut chips are also pretty awesome:)

Currently the limited edition packs are being sold at Norton Commons in Kits, Panier Picnic in Victoria and Organic Acres on Main.

Label for In the Oven


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Recently I was trying to think of what to make as presents for both – one of my best friend’s baby shower and another one of my best friends’ birthday present. I wanted to make them something and not just buy something, but what? And then a magical little word appeared in my head… Piñata!

The dog piñata was for my friend and long-time roommate Jared who is sometimes (jokingly) heard to utter that he wants to kill another roommate of ours – my dog.

The other piñata is a stork because who else could you possibly  beat up during a baby shower? Both were of course stuffed with tons of  candy, which I unfortunately forgot to take a picture of.

LIsa-Cinar-Pinata1LIsa-Cinar-Pinata2 LIsa-Cinar-Pinata3 LIsa-Cinar-pinata6LIsa-Cinar-pinata4

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Photos from the Opening & Video of the Show

The reception for Little Red Riding Hood & other Stories was great fun despite me getting a nice cold just in time and I’d like to thank everyone who came out to it. Here are a few pics from the show. I’ve had so much positive feedback regarding the show, including people telling me that it inspired them to try their own hand at illustrating the story of Little Red. Well. I believe it was officially a success then. Here is a video I made of the show in case you didn’t get the chance to check it out and would like to take a look via the internets.

For some more very sweet pics of the show check out Amy Warkentin’s blog downhomeamy. Thanks Amy!

Picture 4

illustration from the show by the talented Sophie Fuldauer

Picture 11

EptomINF8IZzUDyejVuNGXIdBDyagNBNCiOckx8MdD8,CsCkjHcp9Y2GKHNUzmLrAet11OWynyGITRbyFO49eJA (1)


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Getting there…

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Back from Germany…

When in Germany I bought way too many cool books. New ones, old ones and old ones with a new twist. One of them had some really fantastic watercolour/guache illustrations and looking at it made me want to get my real colours out instead of just colouring in photoshop. I do love photoshop and I’m sure I’ll keep using it but now that I’ve had a little refresh of playing with the colours and mixing them on a palette I realize that I’ve been in photoshop-land a bit too much lately. Good to break old habits and try something new…

This one is a drawing of the classic German ‘Kasperle’, which is the name of the German version of Punch and Judy. Here is the scene where Kasperle outsmarts the devil. I used to love watching Kasperle shows when I was a kid. Some fun with colour here. Creating characters out of arbitrary shapes and forms. And then, last but not least… a night creature. I think my favorite. I like the slightly understated colour.

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Valentines Card Designs

I haven’t been posting all of the new things I’m doing for Draw Me A Lion here of course since that would be too much work and unnecessary but I would like to share this new card designs I just finished for a certain day of hearts that’s coming up next month.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! I’m really excited for this new year because I feel like it holds so much promise. I look back at the past year and all the things I accomplished and all the things I haven’t gotten around to yet and all the victories and all the failures and all the mistakes but mostly all the gooey good stuff in the middle. Keep it coming baby! 2013 Here we come. It’s gonna be a good one! I can feel it in my bones.

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Colour test for Birdos Flugas

I’m having a bit of fun with colour tonight and doing a wee bit of a test for the zodiac project I’m doing for Birdos Flugas. I quite like how this one here turned out. You like?

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Working on a new project

Working on a project for a really cool little shop in Japan right now called Birdos Flugas. I have been commissioned to create a series of zodiac themed cards for them. Trying out a couple of things here but probably this one will be replaced with something new all together. Also tomorrow is the day in my level 2 class where I like to make everyone do a tonal exercise so why not start with that myself… always a good idea and definitely something I don’t do nearly enough of myself. It’s really such a helpful thing to do to organize your image from the ground up so that it can work in any colour you wish later on. You will just need to adjust the tones to match the greyscale version.

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Big Kids Magazine/ Game On!

If you are into cool creative magazines for kids and you don’t know BIG Kids Mag yet, you should definitely check them out! I remember noticing them at first for their really creative and unusual content that’s not neccesarily Just for kids:)

Because of the fact that I’m such a fan, I’m really happy to be a part of their current ‘Game On’ issue. Various artists/illustrators where partnered up with a young artist and asked to recreate their work. I got partnered with Aimee, age 4 from Australia. Here’s the result. Personally I think Aimee’s is much better. Next time I will not be as literal and approach the starting drawing more as a springboard for new ideas me thinks. Of course always good to try a bit of everything. All in all. Fuuuuun! Thanks Big Kids Mag and thanks Aimee for making such a cool drawing! The first one is Aimee’s and the second one is mine.

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Book & Beer

Every Year for the past four years, super cool local stationary and gift shop The Regional Assembly of Text holds their annual ‘Book & Beer’. The deal is that about 6 artist get together and each make a limited edition book for the event along with a label for a bottle of beer (brewed courtesy of the Assembly)

It’s always a fun time, there being beer involved and all and this year I too made a book & beer for the event. It was a mini colouring book with drawings of flowers from the Strathcona Community Gardens and of course it comes with some mini coloured pencils.  I’m so sad that I forgot to put up a flyer for the even by the gardens themselves. It would have been so great to see some of the people who actually grew the flowers I drew in the booklet. There were so many other great books (and beers) at the show of course, just like every year. But one can only own so many books as I myself am finding out more and more…. (there is no more space left on my shelves and stacks…)

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A little birdie told me so…

Here is some optimism for the weekend.

Also my class starts again. Time to find my teaching hat, dust it off and put it back on.

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The end of Summer…

It’s been really nice end of Summer weather we’ve been having here. I’m crossing my fingers that somehow it won’t change into any other season… or maybe only for about one month of both fall and winter combined ? That would be perfect for me I think. I just don’t want to get out of these shorts I’ve been wearing all Summer long. Also there are people in my neighbourhood that seem to be eating ice cream at the ice cream place I live near to practically all day due to this nice weather. Can’t blame ‘em though.

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Collaboration: Puzzle with Pop-Up

I did a collaboration with some friends of mine from France a while ago. They are a photo site that on the occasional collaborates with illustrators such as myself on a project. Their site -as the name suggests- functions on a pop-up concept, where you click on a certain number and a collection of photos will ‘pop-up’.

We wanted to do something that really lets you take advantage of the way the site it set up and so Tadaaa, we came up with … A PUZZLE! It’s a spooky but fun forest scene. My friend/collaborator on the project Maximin Costa took the photo and I added all sorts of creatures that would thrive in this kind of environment. See if you can put it together! :)

Make sure to click #16 when you open the site. That’s where the puzzle is.

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Flower Dude

These funny flower dudes keep showing up in my sketchbook. This one strikes me as particularly German looking with his little hat so I thought I’d pick him for show and tell. Other than that… working lots on Draw Me A Lion projects, trying to work on a few personal projects, just finished teaching for the semester and trying to also enjoy the rest of my Summer a bit. Yikes!

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Cute Tattoo Casts at BC Children’s Hospital:)

The other day I finally got to see how the tattoo designs I made for the local company Creative Cast turned out. And they turned out great! :) They even gave me these two little casts with my tattoos on them for me to see how they look like on the actual casts. And I of course also got a bunch of tattoos from them. Yay.

It really makes me super happy to be able to make some cute little kid feel better about their cast. I hope they offer them to adults too at some point. Anyways, super cool project that I had all the creative freedom in the world with and it turned out great, for both me and the client. Hurrah! Perfect world scenario.

My little dog tattoo in midst some other designs featured by Creative Cast. That's about as fun as having something broken will ever get me thinks.

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Memory Drawing

I made my friend a card the other day and drew this on it. It is the memory of her black poodle. It came out a bit beautiful and a bit strange. Just like a memory.

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Summer time drawing

Here is a bit of what I’ve been doing lately. So loving hanging out on my porch and getting some quality drawing time in now that the weather is beautiful. This is what I love the most. Maybe I”ll make that one a print for Draw Me a Lion? What do you think?

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